One Chance

Here is a pro-life poem my 12-year-old sister wrote recently:

One Chance
by Sophia K. A.

A baby in his Mother’s womb has ears that can hear.
He can hear his Mother saying things that fill the baby with fear.

The Mother says, “I can’t afford it. I cannot have a child.
I have little money, and little time. This idea’s just too wild.”

The baby asks his guardian angel what they’re talking about.
The angel replies, “My child, they want to kill you before you come out.”

Trembling, the baby shouts, “I do not want to die!
“I want to live and see the world.” And then he starts to cry.

He kicks at his mother’s stomach and yells, “Mother, I’m your son!
You can’t possibly kill me now! My life will already be done.”

The mother doesn’t really care. The doctor asks, “Do you want him?”
As she replies “No” the light in her womb grows darker, and colder, and dim.

“Goodbye,” whispers the tired child. He sighs his very last breath.
He waits for the moment. He sheds a tear…and finally reaches his death.

Later, the mother is all alone, with no children to be at her side.
The father regrets his big mistake. He wish his son had not died.

The parents realize how innocent he was, before the day of his birth.
“If only I had a Second Chance.” Remember what the unborn are worth.

Sophia K. A.

About Remus

I am a teacher at a High School in Minnesota. I've taught History, Philosophy, Literature, and Psychology. That's about it.
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