Choose Your Poison

Sorry, but here’s another delicious video about Romney.  (Note: the video is entirely ruined when the show that antiquated “Obama: Hope” poster at the end … and I think many people of diverse walks of life would agree).

And just to balance it out.  Let’s hear some criticism of Obama … from an African American no less so you know it’s true:

We need more people voicing their opposition to the Democratic and Republican parties.  They both fail.  And even normal people are starting to realize this now.

Voting for Obama may be the stupidest thing a human could do.  Somehow, I feel that voting for Romney might even be stupider.  I might be wrong.  Maybe it’s just as stupid.

But, at this point, as long as a candidate says, “I’m pro-Life” it’s good enough for some faithful Catholics.  It doesn’t really matter if there’s any evidence to back up the candidate’s bleeding obvious lie.  At least he’s not Obama.  Just as liberals who say, “Well, at least Obama isn’t Romney.”  Both viewpoints are admirable.  In their own way.  Also, both viewpoints suck.  In just about every way.

As long as there are two apparent options, people will gravitate to one or the other, no matter how much both options are crap.  Well, I reject that.  I’ve had enough of this crap.  I choose neither.

If we really want to send a message to our enlightened government that the choices they’re presenting us are retarded, we should reject both those options.  Because something tells me that voting for Romney is not sending them that message.

(And if you’re planning to vote for Obama, I can’t even relate to you.)

About Remus

I am a teacher at a High School in Minnesota. I've taught History, Philosophy, Literature, and Psychology. That's about it.
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