My Alma Mater …

Being a major amateur “camera user” and “Final Cut Editor” I produced this low-key promotional video for my college in 2007.  I revisited it just recently after these several years and noticed that practically no one has viewed it (in part 2, there was like 9 views … that’s probably the most pathetic thing I’ve ever heard).  Anyway, I’m posting the video now.  There are several things wrong with it (i.e. artistic/stylistic stuff mainly) but what’s done is done, I guess.  I have fond memories of my Catholic college.  It had an invaluable impact on my intellectual and spiritual life.  I don’t think I would have survived (in any sense) if I hadn’t gone there.  Anyway, here it is, warts and all …

And here’s part two:

About Remus

I am a teacher at a High School in Minnesota. I've taught History, Philosophy, Literature, and Psychology. That's about it.
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