Anthony Hopkins speaks at Thomas Aquinas College

Anthony Hopkins (the actor who played “Hannibal Lector” in The Silence of the Lambs … the serial killing cannibal genius, voted the greatest movie villain of all time in many official “lists”) was driving one day in California and randomly spotted Thomas Aquinas College (particularly, its beautiful chapel), and spontaneously decided to visit and give a speech there.  This is one of the only genuinely Catholic colleges still in existence and has a student body of only 350.  Yet, one of the most famous and talented Hollywood actors showed up by himself, saying, “I’ve never seen such a beautiful place in my life.”  While his speech simply was about his experiences and thoughts about acting (which I found very interesting, having done some acting myself), I feel that this was a meeting of profound significance.  Perhaps a sign that Catholicism and culture are slowly beginning to reunite.

About Remus

I am a teacher at a High School in Minnesota. I've taught History, Philosophy, Literature, and Psychology. That's about it.
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