Mary Poppins Songwriter Dies

Robert B. Sherman passed away on March 5, 2012.  He and his brother, Richard, were the songwriters for numerous musical productions, including Mary Poppins.  God rest his soul.

I hope my post had nothing to do with this ….

About Remus

I am a teacher at a High School in Minnesota. I've taught History, Philosophy, Literature, and Psychology. That's about it.
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2 Responses to Mary Poppins Songwriter Dies

  1. why is mary poppins considered a classic? what genre would it be considered as?

    • Remus says:

      I believe its genre would be “fantasy” (and, of course, it’s a “musical”). As for why it’s considered a classic, I would respond that perhaps its due to the vivid spiritual symbolism, as I proposed in my previous post (if you haven’t seen it already).

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