Just give me plain, Jesus-lyin-in-a-manger Christmas!

We can all relate.

About John Jalsevac

I am a PhD student in philosophy.
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4 Responses to Just give me plain, Jesus-lyin-in-a-manger Christmas!

  1. Enjoyed that last night, love the blog btw!

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  3. Rod Allers says:

    Religious freedom, faith as a gift, love as an invitation. Lest we forget that a Christmas tree comes from a pagan German heritage. Or that Christmas itself falls close to the winter equinox, or that Christ’s birth was probably in the spring. All these things show the power of conversion and our habit of Christianizing things. With that being said, any conversion that has happened in my life has been the result of an invitation from God and not from someone forcing their beliefs on me. Hurray for the Jewish people from whom our faith finds it roots, not only let them celebrate Hanukkah but wish them well in their celebration as well.

    My point is this (if it isn’t already clear): If I want the liberty to exercise my freedom to worship Christ I must freely offer others theirs. True love wins out in the end; not ego or imposition of beliefs or intolerance. The only people Jesus ever seemed to get mad at were those incapable of empathy towards others. His response to those that believed differently was a conversation that drew out love and the truth (the woman at the well). Kwanza’s seven principles are quite honorable and could well be the human person tending towards the truth.

    All though I laughed at the clip I quickly found myself asking if this was the right thing to do.

    Just discovered your work here. Thanks for sharing and dialoguing about the Truth in Love.

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