The Only Good Thing A Protestant Has Ever Written … Maybe

John Eldredge has written many books.  But perhaps his most famous (and most foundational) work is Wild at Heart: Discovering the Secret of a Man’s Soul.  It is a book about masculinity.  About fatherhood.  About … crazy enough … God?  What’s that you say?  Blasphemy!  Things, of course, that have consistently and carefully wrapped up in recent times in the most sugar-coated, gag-reflexing, eye-rolling-inducing, puke-inspiring, sweaters of homosexuality ever.  And yet he tears down those effeminate straightjackets like a killing machine, showing how those topics are actually the coolest things freaking ever with a capital Badass.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve been thoroughly confused about masculinity including what’s been said inside and outside the Church.  Sometimes it’s demonized and sometimes it’s literally idolized in the sickest way ever.  His book was the ONLY thing that made any sense to me.  In fact, it convinced me that masculinity was actually of grave importance, rather than a nice detail to get sorted out if you have the time … and even then, don’t you have more important, emasculating things to worry about?

One bad thing: Eldredge is a Protestant.  Let me tell you what I think about that.  I freaking hate that.  I think Protestantism has led to so many murders, desecration, destroying every monastery in England, prejudice, lies, freemasonry, anti-Semitism, puritanism, errors, blasphemy, heresy, the cause of modernism, post-modernism, abortion, contraception.

And yet, John Eldredge is one of the people that I respect the most.  Heck, there are a bunch of Protestants that I worship, now that I think of it.  I’m so ashamed at saying it too.  And yet, my love for Eldredge and those other people (I’ll mention them sometime) makes me not ashamed at the same time.  I don’t even care very much about C.S. Lewis or T.S. Eliot or Jane Austen (all Protestants … well, okay … Anglicans … half-Protestant, half-Catholic).  But Eldredge … dude … he’s the man.  If the abomination of Protestantism was allowed by God just to bring something like Eldredge into being … I’m okay with that.  Still, it would make more sense if he was Catholic.  But alas.  We wise Catholics are scattered in our conceit.  I hate it when that happens.

I warn you … his works are also not particularly intellectual.  But, heck, I don’t care.  After being engrossed with constant Plato, Aristotle, Thomas Aquinas, and a bunch of other philosophers as a teacher, I find Eldredge having profound insights that shake my soul to the core.  In fact, his work was the thing that made the word “heart” not be corny and gay to me.  Before Eldredge, I always had the subconscious … or rather conscious … feeling of “give me a break” whenever the word “heart” was brought up in any context whatsoever (even Scripture … in fact, especially scripture).  Now, for me, “heart” is the awesomest and most … well … central thing ever.

So, yes, Eldredge’s work resonates with me.  It may be resonating at an entirely different channel as your heart.  In which case, you should feel free to take a small urine sample on it.  Just to make you feel good.  Heck, I’ve done that to some books (I wish … someday).

The only content-thingy that I’ll give you from his works is this small, pathetic list that Eldredge sometimes mentions in some abridged or expanded form or another.  He says that in every man’s soul (and I’m talking men here), there is:  a wound that needs to be healed, a battle to fight, an adventure to live,  and a beauty to save.  Wow.  Damn.

Eldredge survived the ultimate guillotine for his beliefs, namely, an interview on CNN ( where the interviewer started out with a clear agenda to destroy Christianity/masculinity but in the end complimented Eldredge for his book, after Eldredge assailed him with one common-sense point after another.  It’s not Larry King (thank God), but it’s still … uh, yeah, CNN.  Bastards.  I don’t know why I hate them so much.  Oh, wait, I remember.  I won’t say just in case children are reading.  I doubt they are … but just in case …

For the womensfolk, check out Stasi Eldredge’s book (his wife).  Actually, I can’t recommend them because I haven’t read them.  I’m still building up my masculinity to read them  since … they’re woman books.  It would be like watching a chick-flick by myself.  Except slightly less gay.  Maybe like watching She’s The Man, the only not-entirely-gay chick-flick ever made (despite cross-gender dressing … so maybe not).  Anyway, food for thought.  Or food for intestinal difficulties.  Take your pick.  Choose the latter … or former, rather.  Yep.

Anyway, I felt like writing this off-the-cuff piece of garbage, just because it was kind of important to me.  I think if Catholics (rather than Protestants) understand and master the art of what Eldredge is saying, there won’t be any problems anymore in the Church.  That might be hyperbole.  But I don’t care.  Actually I do care.  So, that’s why you should read … John freaking Eldredge.


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I am a teacher at a High School in Minnesota. I've taught History, Philosophy, Literature, and Psychology. That's about it.
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8 Responses to The Only Good Thing A Protestant Has Ever Written … Maybe

  1. Sylvia says:

    What about C.S. Lewis?

  2. Remus says:

    Yeah, C.S. Lewis is okay. I was just joking around.

    Or was I?

  3. Maggie says:

    John’s wife Stasi co-wrote the women’s book, Captivating with him. It’s very good, although not nearly as awesome as Mulieris Dignitatem or Edith Stein’s Essays on Women. However, it’s very gentle and a good first step in reclaiming authentic femininity away from the scourge of the postmodern feminist movement. It’s geared toward high school or college aged women though; I loved reading it then, but picked it up again recently and found it a little to light for my taste. I particularly like the emphasis on the reality of spiritual warfare, which is something not often talked about in more general non-denom circles.

  4. Albert says:

    Blech. Eldredge is a lazy author. His blank “you write the next chapter” last chapter was utterly annoying. He has some nice reflections, but he could use some grounding in Catholic theology.

  5. Simon Egli says:

    You must be polish, for your hatred towards Protestants. I suggest maybe you mind reading Revelation chapter 17 especially verses 9 and 18, and think a little about it.

  6. Simon Egli says:

    Also Revelation 18:4 is interesting

    • Remus says:

      Sorry, not Polish. Do you have hatred towards Polish people?

      Also, I read the Revelation passages. I’ve read them before many times. I know many interpretations about them. So … what’s your point?

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