Dappled Things strokes my ego

Everybody wants there to be a “Catholic literary revival” ala. the early 1900s in Britain, but one valiant literary magazine is actually trying to do something to bring it about – Dappled Things.

A couple of issues ago they accepted one of my poems, and I just found out that in their upcoming Christmas edition they will be publishing a 6,000 word story I submitted earlier this year.

I’ve been writing fiction on and off for years, but never thought any of it was good enough to submit anywhere. I finally got over that hangup a few months ago and started shooting some of my more recent stuff off to different journals. Dappled Things is the first mag to accept any of my fiction.

They don’t pay anything, but I won’t lie and pretend that I’m not excited to have this form of validation.

Anyway, if you’re a subscriber, look for my story entitled “The Party” in the upcoming issue. And if you’re not a subscriber, you probably should be.

About John Jalsevac

I am a PhD student in philosophy.
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