Well did! – Matt Anderson on Advent

Tomorrow the weekend arrives. And because the friend whose crossbow I was borrowing in a futile bid to impale a deer and feast on its fleshmeat has asked for it back, tomorrow will not find me perched in my treestand on the roof of the forest like the proverbial sparrow on a housetop.

Which is a long of way of saying that posting on Vestal Morons resumes tomorrow, because between the pause in saving babies in my pro-life work, and seeking to kill deer in my hobby, there will be time for writing.

But in the meantime, I direct you towards the blog of my good friend Matt Anderson – the almost-but-not-quite-(turncoat)-monk-who-is-now-married-with-a-child – who has penned a truly meditative and beautiful reflection on Advent that almost makes you think he actually did become a monk after all instead of choosing the way of the world and the flesh and the lesser vocation of marriage.

You can find that blog post here.

About John Jalsevac

I am a PhD student in philosophy.
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