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The books I read in 2011

A couple years ago I decided to start keeping a list of all the books that I read. I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of it before, and now that I am keeping such a list, I am glad … Continue reading

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Through my fault, through my fault, through my most grievous fault

A lot of people are mad about the new translation of the Roman Catholic Mass. For my part, I have always had a phobia of debates about liturgical arcana, which somehow seem to sap the vitality of my liturgical fervor … Continue reading

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This Christmas, don’t just do something, stand there

Christmas isn’t quite what it used to be, is it? And I’m not referring the usual laundry list of grievances that makes us religious fundamentalist extremists (i.e. Christians) seriously ponder setting up a utopian commune on a deserted Mediterranean island: … Continue reading

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You don’t know jack about Handel’s Messiah (probably)

You know how sometimes you think you know something, but then you discover that you didn’t really know it, you just thought you did? Is that too vague? Here’s an example: I always thought I knew that It’s a Wonderful … Continue reading

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Christopher Hitchens … Cheers

I just learned that Christopher Hitchens has passed away on December 15.  Apparently, he was struggling with cancer.  I was completely unaware.  God rest his soul. For one reason or another, I have always been attracted to “the new atheists.”  … Continue reading

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I have nothing to say right now

I was planning to get a masterpiece done this weekend … not going to happen. I also have this list upon which I’ve written many a profound thing. Such items I plan to expand into something that resembles words. But … Continue reading

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Dear pro-life people: don’t be evil

Few things annoy pro-lifers more than being told by supporters of the practice of killing unborn children in their mothers’ wombs that they need to be more “civil.” “How about you stop ripping fully formed unborn babies apart limb from … Continue reading

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We are all lunatics

(Note: read Part I of these meditations on death: Death – the great perspective maker.) “The end of our race is death; ‘tis the necessary object of our aim, which, if it fright us, how is it possible to advance … Continue reading

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Is this okay?

Would capitalists be okay with this?

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Just give me plain, Jesus-lyin-in-a-manger Christmas!

We can all relate.

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